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#Articles : 3 Things You Should Not Expect From People



There are 3 basic things man shouldn’t expect from people except he / she wants to be dissapointed.

Some people are nursing serious grudges because they feel offended that someone who has what it takes to support and help them isn’t doing it

Your mum could refuse to show up at your wedding; your pastor could fail to visit you when you’re sick; your best friend could refuse to accommodate you when you’re homeless or lend you money when you’re broke. Don’t take an offense. Just believe he or she isn’t sent to help you

If you want to be happy, minimize your expectations from people. I’ve been let down many times by people I least expected. I have also let many down. Many of them don’t even see it as an offense. It’s not offense really; I only failed to know who I was to them; I thought I was more important than I really was.

Look unto God for help; when God says yes, He can send anybody to you including your enemies or Satan himself.


It’s worrying that many would do anything so people could like, comment and share their posts on Social Media for instance. It’s man’s desperation for acceptance and recognition

People are more comfortable criticising than praising others. In fact, they see it as their primary responsibility to ciriticise. To them, they are correcting and doing you a favour. Therefore, you’re the one to decide to be happy.

Irrespective of what people say, choose to be happy. Choose to be yourself; don’t depend on what people say to have confidence in yourself because if you do, you’d usually be disappointed


Sometimes, people are tempted to believe that if they present themselves as miserable as possible they would attract pity from people but how many times have you failed to get pitied by a lecturer or doctor when your child was sick or even a policeman in traffic or a friend?

Fundamentally, seeking pity from others is a weakness. In those days, some valiant men would rather die than beg for pity. It’s not pride. You could remain sad forever if you expect people to pity you.

People are only interested in where they’d get something from. So, speak confidently about yourself. Even if you’re down, confess that you’re up and running. Look up to God, if your parents or siblings fail to pity you, God cares about you. It’s a smart way to be happy

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