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#247Gvibes.com  : Gospel Artiste Jonas Dan {@jonasdan2} pours out his heart 

Gospel Artiste Jonas Dan pours out his heart on Facebook this morning . You really need to see these.

HE SAID👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

I live in a generation where loyalty and focus is gradually becoming extinct. People jump from relationship to relationship because they can’t deal. They jump from job to job and business to business because they can’t deal. Vocalists and Instrumentalists seem to be dominant in this category of people – they are everywhere. They stand for nothing and no one hence, fall for everything. 

And unfortunately enough, people jump from church to church because they can’t deal. Our parents attended the same church all their lives. For most, of course. If Grandpa was born ECWA or Anglican, he probably attended that same church till he died. These days, youths be jumping from pastors to pastors like they are changing clothes. I wonder what you’re looking for sef! Some of you here have 10 fathers-in-the-Lord. Are you a bastard?? Biologically, you have one dad. Same should apply spiritually – and that is the person who nurtures you and feeds you spiritually. Of course, you can have Fathers-in-Faith, and mentors, and a few you submit to for spiritual guardiance. 

Moses had his Father-in-Law. Ruth had Naomi. Esther had Modecai. Samuel had Eli. Timothy had Paul. He didn’t have Paul and Barnabas, even though Paul and Barnabas appeared to be colleagues. (Sorry, time will fail me as at the time of this writing to look for scriptural backings but by all means necessary, feel free to do some digging yourself).

Enter this weekend asking yourself one vital question….. “How loyal am I”?….. And I don’t just mean to your dreams and vision, but to those you call friends, to partners, to the man you call your Pastor, to the ministry or church you belong too and the department you belong too in that church/ministry. 

Have a great weekend!

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