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One day, a young man heard a noise like that of a riot. He rushed out to see, lo and behold, it was a pastor that was being beaten. He had impregnated people’s wives, rape girls and duped people, taking huge money from them.

“Come on James, slap this guy; he’s a devil!” His friend beckoned on him. But he just stood still. Would it be right to join the beating of this “pastor?” He stood confused.

Do you think there’s anything wrong in beating a man like that who had dragged the name of the Lord in the mud? I will give you my answer later.

King Saul was a mess of a king; he had forsaken God, evil spirits were tormenting him, he threw a javelin at David twice trying to pin him to the wall but he escaped; he killed many priests of God for David’s sake and hunted him everywhere to kill him

When David finally had the chance to kill him, he refused, saying “how can I touch an anointed one?”

Can someone who is tormented by evil spirits and rejected by God still be an “anointed one?” The answer is yes.

The servant whom Saul told to kill him after he had been shot was later killed by David. He said “how dare you touch an anointed one of God?”

When God’s people offend Him, He uses other people as whips to punish them but do you know the mystery? God will eventually come back and deal with the one used as a whip.

Those who caught Samson died with him; those countries which God used to punish Israel were eventually destroyed by the same God; those who killed all the wicked kings in the Bible eventually died miserably. Even Judas that sold Jesus so he could fulfill his destiny died horribly. The Bible says it would have been better if he wasn’t born at all.

Never ever beat, curse, hate or even argue with anyone called a man of God. Whether he’s messed up or not or whether you’re a man of God yourself or not. If you allow yourself to be made a whip, God is coming back to deal with you for touching His anointed and doing harm to His prophet.

Never criticize a man of God; never call anyone a false prophet; never write a petition against him and NEVER EVER raise your VOICE or HAND against a man of God whether he’s fake or not.

It’s better to leave a church than quarrel with the pastor. God might really want to punish him but don’t be a whip, because a cane used to beat a child might break but the child won’t break. Instead, be a balm – pray for him.

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