Some hearts are bent on making you miserable and dragging you to destruction. As long as they remain unharmed, you’re doomed for destruction.

The only way out is to break such hearts no matter how hard it may hurt the fellow.

A married man/woman’s heart that claims to care about you and is determined to keep a secret and unholy relationship with you, is dragging you to destruction, no matter how lovely things may appear at the moment.

Irrespective of how much you care about such a heart, the best favour you can do to it and yourself is to break it.

Let him/her call you wicked or heartless as a result of the pains of the moment, but my dear, I tell you confidently that you’d have done the right thing

A heart of a boy/girlfriend who has no plans of marriage for you but sex and abortion or who is unfaithful to you needs urgent breaking; if possible, with a sledge hammer.

I know it’s never easy but look at the future, what do you see? Disappointment; heartbreak; bitterness; or even death.

What if he/she infects you with AIDS? What if 2 or 3 of you become pregnant for this jobless guy at the same time? What if you suddenly find out that she’s pregnant or getting married to someone else soon? What if you die in the course of an abortion? Do you think he won’t move on with life?

You seem to have forgotten that no amount of effort can make you ride a dead horse to your destination. It’s a huge mistake that leads to regrets.

Why haven’t you broken up with that fellow when you know you don’t love him/her?

If you have been together for a month and you still can’t love him/her the way you’d love to love your spouse; who tells you love would come later? Love starts immediately; you’re supposed to be crazy about him/her right now. If that is missing now then you’re in wrong hands. Break that heart now!

Is it that you loved him/her before now but that the love has suddenly weaned or disappeared after years of relationship and you think it’s too late?

Listen dear, as long as you’re not married, it’s not too late. Never let your wedding ring become an handcuff; break that heart now.

Every good and progressive decision always requires great sacrifices. You cannot make the right decision if you don’t want to hurt people.

Sometimes, you need to break some hearts, including yours to have a happy life. Although it may appear brutal and wicked, you’re doing both of you a huge favour.

Pick up your phone now, make that call or text that message. It’s time to move forward with your life once and for all. Let’s see how bold and determined you are.

@UVGM 2015 

Williams Thomas is a teacher and preacher of the word of God. He is the founder of The Unique Vessels of God Ministries. A ministry established by the Holy Spirit to bring the word of truth to every soul particularly young people in the area of chastity and marriage. He and his wife are the authors of Overcoming Potiphar's Wife. 

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